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How we teach
Our school uses flash cards and “Round Up” textbooks. Flash cards are one of the most powerful learning tools. This tool was first used by the German scientist and journalist Sebastian Leitner in the 70s of the 20th century. He invented and developed the so-called Leitner System - a method for effective memorizing and repeating the studied material using flash cards, based on spaced repetition.
This method not only reduces the effort of human memory, but also saves time for studying. The textbook makes it possible to thoroughly study grammar and perceive the language by the ear since it contains audio recordings.
We also use a playful approach to learn new words.
Our classes are designed to help you learn speak English.
....and increase your vocabulary

Training in English

Classes without using your native language are a quick way to learn a language.

Qualified teachers

Our teachers have international licenses and undergo training and seminars. We don't stand still!

From simple to complex
We start learning with the simplest materials, filling in the gaps.

Training at home

Lessons are held in a comfortable environment for the child. You save time on trips to the tutor and do not risk catching the flu. We work on Zoom or Skype platforms, your choice!

Taking into account age characteristics

The program was created by experienced methodologists and takes into account the psychological characteristics of children's development.

European standard of learning

The program is built in accordance with CEFR - a system of levels of foreign language proficiency used in Europe.
Our teachers
  • Nina
    English teacher.
    Excellent with children, over 10 years of experience.
  • Emma
    English teacher.
    More than 10 years of experience, including in an art school.
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Training courses and prices
The first lesson is free!
4 week course, 2 times a week, minimum 8 lessons 1 lesson - 10$.

The first lesson is free!
4 week course, 3 times a week, minimum 12 lessons 1 lesson - 10$.

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